Website Updated + New Lens Review!

I've decided to spend the day updating the website layout and pages, I took the Reviews post from the Home page since I felt that it was a bit distracting and disoriented. So I've created new pages for reviews to make things easier to find and in a much neater way.

As for the Home page, it will become more focused about myself, life, trips, my photos...etc. Also you may have noticed that the post photos are now MUCH larger and looks much better than the 'Grid' view I had before.

I've also just posted a review of the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII. And I'm trying my best to post the rest of the reviews as soon as possible.

Here's a photo that I shot during Springfield, Missouri Halloween Pubcrawl where the roads in the small downtown gets closed and people start walking around wearing costumes and having fun (and getting drunk). I asked these nice ladies if it was possible to take a photo of them while posing as the famous Beetle's photo.

I shot this photo during Halloween PubCrawl in Springfield Missouri in 2014.

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