Pivoting from what I usually shoot?

I like to call myself a travel/adventure photographer; but since I'm kinda stuck in Kuwait for the next few months I've decided to start shooting portraits, I'll still use my HDR style whenever I can but shooting portraits is what you'll see me shoot in the next few months.

I've been shooting photos of my friend Ali in the past 2 weeks. The first photoshoot was outside of a shopping mall:

You can clearly notice that I've used HDR with this photo.

This photo was edited using VSCO plugins on lightroom.

The second photoshoot happened few days ago; where I wanted to shoot something and having Kuwait skyscrapers in the background. We ended up parking in a parking log, and then trespassed to the top floor since it was closed, and finally climbed a ladder -also illegally-. Ended up standing in a wonderful location:

This is one of the portrait photos from the photoshoot.

Of course I wouldn't be Omar if I didn't shoot something in HDR. So here's one. hehe!

I've actually have shot Ali before (Summer 2015). if you would like to see some of photos from that photoshoot click HERE.



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